Movie Trailer Roundup! What’s Hot! What’s Not!!

Okay Gals and Gents,

There are few things more annoying than wasting time streaming or downloading an inept or just plain bad movie trailer, so this post I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Without further ado are the HT picks of Movie Trailer winners and losers.


BLACK ROCK- Girl power version of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME for the FRIENDS and SEX IN THE CITY crowd. Trailer looks brain-dead cliche and stupid. No interest.

HAMMER OF GODS- This Viking quest/coming of age tale comes off as a poor man’s 300. Uninteresting trailer. No interest.

DEADFALL- Released yesterday, while the trailer doesn’t scream MUST SEE, it’s an engaging little thriller/heist pic, and has a stellar cast led by Eric Bana. A DVD rental at least.

COMPANY OF SOLDIERS- World War II flick about soldiers trying to stop Hitler’s super-weapon. Trailer is of no interest at all.

HELLGATE- JACOB’S LADDER meets THE EYE without being as interesting as either film. Just has a ‘been there,done that’ vibe. The movie may surprise me but the actual trailer… is just tired.

THE ABCs OF DEATH- Whether or not you’re going to see this bloody gore-fest, it is definitely an intriguing trailer/premise. A movie dedicated to using the alphabet and 26 different directors to tell 26 tales of death. The law of averages says some of the skits should be well done.

THE DOOR- The winning trailer of today’s segment. What it is about is a little obscure, as I can find virtually nothing on this film, but it is a compelling trailer.

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