FTC: Software used by rent-to-own stores spied on customers?!!!

FTC: Software used by rent-to-own stores spied on customers!

The stores used software to capture screen-shots, log keystrokes and take webcam pictures, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

IDG News Service – The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reached proposed settlements with a software vendor and seven rent-to-own stores after the agency accused them of installing spy-ware on rented computers that captured screen-shots of personal information, logged keystrokes and, in some cases, took web-cam pictures of people in their homes.

Read the entire story here!

People thought I was mad (which I am, but that doesn’t stop me from being right :)) when I did a post telling people to cover up/place a sticker over their laptop’s camera when not in use. There is software out there that can enable your webcam without your knowledge (stuff that doesn’t have to be pre-installed by scummy rental companies, but can be pushed to you by a devious web page or online game), so my advice was cover those cams when not in use.

And quite frankly, most people don’t use their laptops built in webcam, so just put a sticker over the sucker. Or not. Your call.

Oh, and how does the FTC punish these companies for this criminal level of invasion of privacy (what would be considered espionage if done against a business, and you would end up doing prison time for)… basically they don’t punish them They say please don’t do it again… and that’s it.

Can anyone say corruption and bribes. 🙂 Our government at work.

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