DEAL OF THE DAY: Invasion – The Complete Series (2005)

DEAL OF THE DAY: Invasion – The Complete Series (2005)

The retail on this box set is $60, but you can currently get it at nearly 90% off for around $7.

$7 for 15 hours of entertainment is not a bad deal. The series is not perfect, its greatest flaw is the slacker, conspiracy nut character played by Tyler Labine, who is just annoying every time he’s on screen.

Part of it is I just hate that slacker, hangover archetype, that I find neither funny or endearing, but just moronic, and exasperating, just poor writing and poor acting/casting for this character.

Thankfully the rest of the cast picks up the slack when he’s not on screen.

And heck for $7, even with some questionable writing/casting, and a suspect ending, it is worth a look.

[A quick addendum: I have to say that Tyler Labine’s character does grow over the course of the season, and by the last few episodes, he’s a far better, and less annoying character, even likable. His scene with the school teacher, being quite good.]

Invasion – The Complete Series

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