Just saw the trailer for something called ZOMBIE MASSACRE.

I don’t like Ghoul movies (If they eat people, and they are rotting they are not EFFING ZOMBIES! THEY ARE GHOULS!!! Get it right!! Pet Peeve. Sorry.)

And I don’t care for any of the extreme films I’ve heard of from Uwe Boll (woman tied to a chair and hit in the face with a hammer on camera. Using real life Ugandan atrocities to sell as entertainment, etc. He’s too close to a snuff film director for my liking. I like my horror less gory, less irresponsible).

However the actual director-writer team on this film is not Uwe Boll, but an Italian writing/directing team of Luca Boni, Marco Ristori. A neophyte team they have only one film to their credit, something called EATERS, another ghoul pic, that has lukewarm to poor reviews.

So all that, does not endear me to see this latest flick. And it’s a Ghoul flick, so even good Ghoul flicks are not my thing.

That said I think the trailer is tremendous. Sight unseen I’m willing to go on the line, and say the best thing about the film will probably be this brief trailer. Especially for me, that has only about 2 minutes worth of patience for the premise of any ghoul flick, which generally has nothing creative to say outside of 2 minutes.

So no intention of seeing this flick, but the trailer… worth a look here!

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