A new old bluesman ditty

I get reflective sometimes on Friday, sometimes I even get creative. Hence the following work in progress ditty I came up with. It’s pretty much done to a soft folksy, bluesy wail. Some forced rhymes in there, but it get’s the job done. 🙂 Enjoy…

And how did you fall
so uh
far from grace
and what did you lose
In this
final race

—from The Last Bluesman

So this old blues man, that I knew by sight
he prayed every day,
and his roof caved in one night
killing his wife Betsy
the light of his life.

And this old man prayed
for his child to grow well
but following sin
she went spiraling through
the gates of hell

And this old man prayed
for his health to hold
but the doctor told
cancer would keep him
from getting that old

And still he prayed
to the good of god

and that belief in god
I couldn’t see how, he could give
givin the tragedies
through which he was, tasked to live

So I asked him straight out
in the house in which he boarded
“how keep you faith,
when it isn’t rewarded?”

And he looked at me
as if I
told a joke
He pulled on the cigarette
and uh
had a good smoke

then he said to me
with a
voice past late

“little boy blue,
how else
be it faith?”


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