Today’s Recommended Podcast: The Nerdist Podcast

Prostitute: “Did you see a troll outside?”

Charlie: Do you mean the midget?

Prostitute: Goddamn it! I know a midget when I see one, that’s a troll!”

THE DRIFT by John Ridley [I didn’t like the book, see my review, but it has its moments. This is the funniest line in the book. A rare bit of levity in a book that’s mostly unpleasant and unlikeable.]


I’m hard at work on tomorrow’s WEDNESDAY WORDS segment. Should be a lot of fun. Come’on back tomorrow and see what made the cut!

Until then, I thought I would offer one of the better podcasts that came out in the 1st Qtr of 2012! Enjoy!

Nerdist Podcast 167: Conan O’Brien

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Description: Conan O’Brien joins the latest Nerdist podcast and talks about comedy writing, The Simpsons, The Tonight Show debacle, and the process of making a daily show. He also opens up about anxiety and perfectionism in this FANTASTIC and hilarious chat. Great stuff.


“What if hell is not a fiery furnace beneath the continents? What if it’s just an unclean place without the presence of God? A time and place behind God’s back?

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