Just came across a new artist.

He signs his work Menton3. Take a gander:

The above images are from his series MONOCYTE, which it appears he writes as well as illustrates. As you can see the art is beautiful, however I’ve read the preview pages and the story so far is pretty unreadable. It may lead someplace, but so far… not.

Much better are the following images from the series SILENT HILL PAST LIFE. That one is written by Tom Waltz. And reading just a couple pages, it’s obvious he’s a talented writer, and that makes all the difference:

The SILENT HILL:PAST LIFE series is complete and is available as a Graphic Novel. Also the previous Tom Waltz series SILENT HILL:SINNER’S REWARD is also available.

You can pick them up at the links below. Again I don’t play the SILENT HILL video games, I didn’t like the movie, but I really enjoyed what I’ve read of Tom Waltz’s story so far. So good stories, and a great way to be exposed to an excellent new artist in Menton3 (he just does the art on PAST LIFE, but the art on the other book is very good as well):

Silent Hill: Past Life

Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward

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