I love this poster/box art for the season 1 collection of X-FILES. Infact I like it more than I like the show.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the X-FILES television show but for me it overstayed it’s welcome with the unresolved Alien mystery thread. And the dynamic of disbeliever/believer between the two leads, becomes pretty hard to sustain after multiple seasons of various monsters.

Over time the central characters weren’t growing, you could pretty much transpose the dialog between them between any episodes, because it was always the same arguments they were having. Much like LOST it’s a show I got fed up with early in the series and dumped, because you got the definite impression it was a show the writers didn’t really know what to do with long term.

That said I always felt the done in one ‘Monster of the Week’ episodes of X-FILES worked much better than the stretch it out/tease Alien plot-line episodes. And those done-in-one episodes are the only episodes that are remotely of interest to me, and I think are the only ones that partially hold up to repeat viewing. It’s basically Kolchak’s THE NIGHT STALKER for the X Generation.

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