Valentine’s Day and Rackets! :)

“None of us exists, except in relation to each other. Alone, we cease to have… personalities”
—from the Infernal Machine episode of SPACE 1999

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you in Cyber Land!

Particularly all my subscribers! You gals and guys rock! And a special shout-out to those of you supporting this blog by purchasing items through my Amazon links, really helps and is greatly appreciated.

Now onto Valentine’s Day!

What a racket that holiday is! With Florists making out like Robber Barons! Thankfully this year I wised up and opted for the emailed Gift Certificate route. For less than the jacked up price of sending a Rose Plant (That sending cut flowers that are going to wither in a couple of days, I stopped doing that insanity a while ago. However, sending a living plant, that stays around… that I can get behind), I was able to send out several gift certificates.

So gift cards officially trump plants from now on!

Ah, who knew, that wisdom would come with age?! 🙂

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