TV Review: BREAKING BAD Season #2

It is such a great luxury of our 21st century digital age to be able to watch an Entire season of a television series over the course of a few nights. Particularly when the show is as compelling as BREAKING BAD. I can not imagine having to wait a week between episodes.

The DVD Box Set viewing experience, helps you avoid spending weeks, months, and sometimes years following a show and hoping the season ends well. With the DVD Box Set and reviews, you can be an educated consumer, and more quickly either dismiss a show (DEXTER, JUSTIFIED) or more quickly embrace it(BREAKING BAD, DAY BREAK, KIDNAPPED).

BREAKING BAD is definitely a show to be embraced. It’s addictive, compulsive TV, which giving its subject matter is more than a bit fitting. The show tells the tale of a high school professor with cancer who pursues a most interesting side business to make money.

Well performed, well directed, but it’s the smart and always captivating scripts and dialog, and surprising turns, which really makes this series sing.

I’m definitely ready to see SEASON 3. Grade on Season #2: B+/A-.

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