What is DC Comics Thinking??? Rob Leifeld on THREE BOOKS?!!

The following is a bit of a rant, and will only have meaning to those who follow that misnomer of an industry… comic books. So non-comic people feel free to ignore.

Why on earth would anyone give Rob Liefeld three books to write/draw and/or some combination thereof?

Not hating on the guy, by all reports he’s a really nice, and passionate guy about comics. Great, wonderful. Make him a VP for life, if DC wants to toss money his way. But he’s no writer, never was. And his art, not my thing. And I’d argue isn’t going to make ANYONES’ top ten, or even top 100 list.

Why would DC comics derail the momentum of their 52 experiment, by pushing out books with questionable writers and artists?

Say what you want about Marvel, Marvel Comics at least believes in putting top notch writers and top notch artists on their books.

And DC seems to be embracing the alternate view, the 90s image philosophy of ‘Who needs writers’ and to a degree ‘Who needs good artists’.

I mean DC does have strong writers such as Scott Snyder and Grant Morrison, and strong artists such as JH Williams III and Jamal Igle. But it seems for every title they have strong talent on they have 4 titles where you’re thinking ‘What the eff were they thinking putting this dude on a book?’

And the Leifeld announcement (putting him on 3 books), it just shows a shortsightedness, and I think an undervaluation of the creators. It’s almost like editorial feels the properties will sell despite who is on it, and despite how incomprehensible the story is and how bad the art… and history does not bear that point of view out.

In a world where writers such as JM DeMatteis isn’t on a regular book, Doug Moench isn’t on a regular book, Christopher Priest isn’t on a regular book, Rick Veitch isn’t on a regular book… you give Rob Leifeld THREE BOOKS!!!!???? WTF. I mean is the guy working for free? 🙂

I do not understand what DC is doing giving him DEATHSTROKE, HAWK AND DOVE, and HAWKMAN. HAWKMAN for goodness sake, give to Tim Truman or Mike Grell or Messner-Loebs!

And the same thing with artists, in a world where Steve Rude and Kevin Nowlan and Tony Aikens (good news on the WW 2 parter) don’t have regular drawing gigs you give three books to Leifeld to layout or draw??!!

I mean I’m not trying to take work out of anyone’s nest. If DC has faith in Leifeld, fine, make him the writer/artist on HAWK AND DOVE for life (I mean I won’t be reading it, but I’m assuming some are reading it for him to still be on the book), but don’t give him MORE books. That’s just crazy.

DC.. you’re shooting yourselves in the foot.

That said you’re saving me money by not putting talent I’m interested in on these books. Just means it’s less stuff for me to buy. 🙂

Here endeth the rant.

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