To Buy or Not to Buy

Well I’ve bought or sampled quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Some I regret buying, some I don’t. Without further ado here’s my verdict.

SUBMARINER THE DEPTHS- HC Graphic novel from Marvel Comics, creators are Peter Milligan and Esad Ribic. It sports wonderful watercolor tinged art by Ribic, but ultimately Milligan’s story builds to an unsatisfying conclusion. I give it a C-, and my suggestion is borrow it from a friend or rent it from the library, but it is not worth buying.

THE LAST WAVE- Criterion DVD directed by Peter Weir. Interesting, eerie early 70s Australian film, that goes from Aborigines on trial for murder, to creation and destruction myths. But beyond an initially eerie feeling, it doesn’t really , by the end, generate any great enthusiasm. And the features are relatively anemic.D-.

VOODOO HEART- Having read deeper into this Scott Snyder collection my opinion remains the same. he’s a good writer I’m just not particularly interested in the characters or his light hearted tales/fables. I find myself getting bored, wishing it would get to something resembling a point. Not bad, I just like my fiction to be a little… more. D-.

MAGICIAN KING- 2nd book in a multi-book series, someone’s US answer to Harry Potter. I could follow this fine, had some imaginative, even fun parts, The competition to find a sword champion is a standout. One problem with the audio book, the reader portrayal of a nice looking Australian lass, comes out sounding like Crocodile Dundee, takes me right out the story. And the story while okay, by disk 11 I’m really not that invested\ interested in finishing it. Never a good sign. C-.

–I’ll be adding to this “Buy/Don’t Buy” post, so stay tuned.

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