And all I ever wanted
was the dreams that they dream
And all I ever wanted
was the seems that they seem
was the seems that they seem
— copyright 2011 HT

There’s a great article at DVD Savant (I know, shocking!) on the future of DVD, with the gist of it being streaming and downloads and burn on demand are all the rage, and the quality DVD ever more marginalized. I think you the reader, know where I stand on that.

Just like with books, I prefer having the physical item on my shelf. In the case of DVDs, in handy, attractive… cases. I like reading the liner notes or booklet, and getting the special features, and listening to the directors commentary, all things the Attention Deficit Disorder inclined streaming market or burn on demand market, really doesn’t care about.

I do however.

I care about the process. And my buying habit and recommendations reflect this. Without further ado… today’s recommended deal:

My preference for full featured titles aside, one studio Burn on Demand title you would be a FOOL to pass up (a FOOL I say) is the little seen Harry Belafonte helmed 1959 post apocalyptic film THE WORLD,THE FLESH,THE DEVIL available finally in all it’s beautiful wide-screen B&W glory.

My God this is a fantastic film. Liberally borrowed from by various films, and filmmakers, there’s a burning center to this film, a wonderful parable of the end of the world… and possibly the beginning. In a decade where cops were siccing dogs and firehoses on people of color, it’s really impressive, smart, passionate and lovely filmmaking. Ahead of its time for 1959, and given the sorry state of cinema and humanity in 2011 it remains… ahead of its time. Being unusually smart, adept and engaging filmmaking, and also wonderfully acted and gorgeously filmed.

It looks… stunning.

And discussing the DVD itself… It’s not cheap, For what amounts to a barebones DVD, it’s costly. I think BOD (Burn on Demand) films should be priced at $10, but for this film, it is worth getting gouged a bit. I mean it’s effing Harry Belafonte!! The dean of cool! The man told Colin Powell where to go!! And the film…is an unjustly neglected masterpiece. And a wonderful ending. A-.

Highly Recommended!

Click on the below link for current prices:
The World, the Flesh and the Devil

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