H Russell Wakefield and Today’s Discoveries and Best Buys!!

“And I will end you
from the highest to the low
And I will end you
And my name you shall then know”
—HT 2011

The artwork of Santiago Caruso.

Artist on the spanish language book….Lovecraft: El horror de Dunwich/ The Dunwich Horror (Spanish Edition) [Hardcover]. About to go out of print. I don’t like Lovecraft enough to own him in English, much less Spanish. But the artist intrigued me on this, and for the fans among you… seems like a solid buy.

Lovecraft: El horror de Dunwich/ The Dunwich Horror (Spanish Edition)

The Ghost Stories of H. Russell Wakefield

The latest addition to my best short story list, this being H Russell Wakefield’s DAMP SHEETS from THE BEST GHOST STORIES OF H. RUSSELL WAKEFIELD

DAMP SHEETS- A couple in financial straits, eye a rich uncle. A simple premise, and now 80+ years removed from the stories publication, quite a well used premise, but as always Wakefield’s writing transcends the familiar, by being just so endearing, and engaging. You find yourself turning pages easily, as reading Wakefield is like a relaxed, almost conversational storyteller, spinning a yarn at a dinner party… just for you. And the story builds to one of those odd Wakefield endings, a bit curt, and wry, and ironic… that at first feels like someone put on the brakes perhaps a bit too quickly, but a shake of the head later, and a reread of the page, and nope, it’s just right. Just great ghost story writing, told in a handful of pages. Grade: B.

For more of my short story reviews go here.

The Best Ghost Stories of H. Russell Wakefield

Reunion at Dawn and Other Uncollected Ghost Stories

Strayers from Sheol

The Clock Strikes Twelve

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