I heart Kim Delaney!

So Kim Delaney gets escorted off of stage for a rambling speech at a military awards function.

My thoughts?

My memory of Kim Delaney is from the short lived 1989-90 series TOUR OF DUTY, I know she starred in NYPD BLUE and MIAMI VICE and is currently starring in something called ARMY WIVES, but, beyond the first year of NYPD Blue, I haven’t watched any of that stuff.

So what I know of Kim Delaney is a hazy memory of a show from over 20 years ago. But I remember having a huge crush on her. And having seen recent pics, time if not quite life, has been very kind to her. She looks even more attractive, if not happier, than that woman of two decades ago.

But my opinion of her seemingly troubled speech??

Things happen. People have bad days. We all do.

Life gets in the way, for all of us.

Our lives don’t turn out like we want them to. Marriages fail, Family try you, friends betray you, jobs limit you, and governments disappoint you. And acting is the only job, where none of that is supposed to get in the way of you smiling for the cameras… both on and off duty.

But things do get in the way. Bad days, like rain, falling on the just and the unjust alike. On the famous and the unknown.

The only problem is when you’re a celebrity those… bad days, instead of just being between you, and maybe a few co-workers or family or acquaintances, those bad days are shared with millions if not billions of strangers.

Your bad day… made infinitely worse by… celebrity.

Take Mel Gibson. He has a bad day. He says things he shouldn’t when he’s in pain. Who amongst you is any different?

Tiger Woods, all of them. I refuse to judge, because I realize there is not one of their detractors, that can walk in the fishbowl the media makes of their lives… and not be crushed by it.

I realize that ‘casting the first stone’ was written for just such situations. I do think the press crosses the line, and I don’t think an actor sells his liberty when he sells his services.

I don’t think they sell their right to privacy or the occasional bad day.

Kim Delaney had a bad day at an awards show (I personally wouldn’t have been at an award show for a bunch of right wing leaning types myself, but hey, to each their own), but so what.

Stuff happens.

Life gets in the way.

Leave her be.

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