Short Story Review! LOOK UP THERE by H. Russell Wakefield

“And my father
Where the Primrose
In Seasons
for two”

–Nubian Ditty Copyright 2011 HT

“Mr. Packard was a very important Civil Servant, and contrary to the opinion of the vulgar, Civil Servants sometines overwork.”

“I spent half the summer vac. at Gauntry Hall for the four years I was ‘up’. It was an exquisite house, gloriously placed, and the grounds were perfection. But you remember it, so I need not describe it. Sir John and Lady Gauntry were sweet survivals from an easier age — a type which began to disappear with the introduction of modern plumbing from America.”

“Dangerous? Yes, probably, but the old house had always seemed friendly to me. Here was I a professed student of the occult, presented with a glorious opportunity for investigation. If I failed to take it I should never forgive myself nor have any respect for myself. I imagine you can sympathise with my feelings to some extent.”

The above are excerpts from H. Russell Wakefield’s LOOK UP THERE, one of the stories to be found in his excellent collection THE BEST GHOST STORIES OF H. RUSSELL WAKEFIELD. That said LOOK UP THERE is not one of the better stories in this collection. It comes off as an unfinished, or an exercise of a story.

Still it’s nicely written, what there is of it, and is a quick read. So get the book for great stories such as THE RED LODGE, but even misfires such as LOOK UP THERE should not be missed.

The Best Ghost Stories of H. Russell Wakefield

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