“It was kind of fascinating watching him slide gracefully from unemployment insurance to social security”
— From The Magnificent Montague 1950 Radio Sitcom

The above is from THE MAGNIFICENT MONTAGUE, not an especially good or funny radio comedy particularly when compared to contemporaries such as JACK BENNY, but I did like the above line. I found it particularly apt, especially considering the United States’ precarious economic situation.

Transnational companies unwilling to pay a decent wage and share any of their astronomical profits with a working force; and yet with the clout to shape the policies of a sovereign nation.

Massive inbred companies, conglomerates ( that any sane nation… learning from history, would have broken up to the four winds, rather than turning a blind eye to unchecked consolidation leading to monopolization) actively engaged in making their corporate whims federal law, gutting the majority of jobs available in the states, and for the few jobs remaining… drastically reducing the salaries paid.

A slave nation in the making.

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