Old Time Radio Review: CBSRMT The Only Blood from 1974

“Each brought the same blood to the melting pot of America. But the melting pot is a crucible; where men, like steel, may either be hardened or destroyed.”

From the 31 July 1974 Airing of CBS Radio Movie Theater, titled THE ONLY BLOOD

The CBS Radio Movie Theater show was a late 20th century revival of the theater of the mind, the nickname for the world’s first taste of mass media… radio drama.

Radio drama saw its birth in the young days of an industrialized America, and with CBS Radio Movie Theater it saw something of a rebirth. This revival, CBS Radio Movie Theater (CBSRMT for short) ran 6 days a week for nearly a decade, from the begining of 1974 to the end of 1982, an impressive run.

However, the show did tend to suffer from its length, it was an hour show, and radio drama works best, I find, in 30 minute chunks. And also the demand of its frequency, put great pressure on quantity over quality, giving us reoccurring stock actors, rather than a rotating pool of radio and Hollywood’s best.

So many of the shows tend to be less than compelling, particularly in the early years. The quote above is from one of the exceptions from the early years, 31st July 1974’s THE ONLY BLOOD.

It’s a great little drama about one extreme tale of… the immigrant experience, as a family must find the truth or the lie in the… American Dream. Being myself the child of immigrants I found it particularly compelling and touching. B+.

You can listen to this show here. Take a listen and feel free to leave your own rating/review. 🙂 .

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