Brian DePalma’s OBSESSION- A reworking of Hitchcock’s VERTIGO, which I consider a masterpiece, OBSESSION is actually better than Vertigo. It’s a gorgeous film and taken in context of when it was filmed, 1976, before most reading this were born… quite amazing!

The film sent Hitchcock into a sputtering rage, and he couldn’t see the brilliant, and quite unique film, for what it was. A young filmmaker who idolized him creating something that transcended homage. Hitchcock’s reaction broke Depalma’s heart, and effectively buried the film. Which is a shame, because it is in its own right a unique and influential film.

Go see the film for yourself. Don’t read any reviews, any plot synopsis, just buy the flick, don’t cheat yourself of a beautifully shot, innovative, and quite touching film. It’s leisurely paced, but sumptuous love story, and every camera angle is right, and every performance great.

My suggestion, pick up the DVD, it’s increasingly hard to find, but is worth the hunt and the expense. Amazon has a couple copies, not cheap, available here:


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