2011 Upcoming Movies! Pt 3 of 3! Finally Bringing this Train into the Station!

Okay let’s wrap this list of upcoming movies up.

October sees Soderbergh’s 2nd film of the year called CONTAGION. The premise is in the title so no need to belabor it. The plus it stars Kate Winslet. the minus it stars Matt Damon, Hollywood’s most overused actor (see my previous rant). Right now, have no interest in this flick.

October also brings us the third PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. May be a case of diminishing returns, but in a very weak October/Halloween, its lack of competition will likely make it a money-maker.

As of this writing, that’s all that is worth mentioning for October. Okay onto November:

TOWER HEIST is a comedy/heist film directed by Brett Ratner and starring Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller, among others. That’s enough to get me interested!

Tarsem Singh is a filmmaker who puts it all up on the screen. And even when his film suffers from not the most compelling story, or characters, or pacing, they are still visual game-changers. November sees him with a pretty interesting premise and script by the Parlapanides Brothers, and a fantastic cast of heavy hitting actors: Rourke, Hurt, Dorff, etc in a film called THE IMMORTALS that is about mythology, and a war of Gods and Men. Haven’t seen a trailer yet, but sounds like it has real potential to be a sleeper hit of the year.

And that brings us to December:

David Fincher is always a director who gets my attention. Though to be honest the subject material of his last few films, have not interested me in the least. With Fincher doing December’s THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO I think we’re back in the genre that Fincher does best… the thriller. I have not read the book, or seen the film, but by all reports the Swedish Film series left room for improvement, and a lot are speculating that Fincher will produce that rare remake that surpasses the original. And considering Fincher’s track record with the thriller film, and the cast that includes Daniel Craig and Robin Wright, I’m inclined to agree, and hold off seeing the original film until after I see Fincher’s version in December. Which is something I very rarely do. I’m typically a purist and am not in favor of remakes, but for the reasons stated above I think this is a well thought out example of a remake.

And that closes out the year for 2011. Of course it’s early and there are a bunch of films yet to be scheduled for the year. I’ll update these postings as new movies are announced for later in the year.

Thanks for looking and check back often!

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