Greatness following greatness, in addition to receiving the gorgeous ABSOLUTE JUSTICE HC, I also received the stunning, sumptuous oversized GIRLS:THE COMPLETE COLLECTION OVER-SIZED HARDCOVER written and drawn by the amazing Luna Brothers.

I’m going to be brief. If you don’t own this… I feel great sympathy for you.

It’s brilliant.

Absolutely brilliant. As much as I like and adore ABSOLUTE JUSTICE, superhero books are an acquired taste. GIRLS is something else all together, a dark, disturbed, and at times cackle out loud funny, fantastic fable, as at home sitting beside Poe as it is King. No one is going to dismiss this gorgeous $100 tome… as kid’s entertainment.

A masterful work by the Luna Brothers, that you really should own before it sells out. Check here to purchase it.

Highest Recommendation.

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