I just got done watching Werner Herzog’s BAD LIEUTENANT:PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS. The film reminds me of why Herzog is one of my favorite filmmakers. I absolutely adored the film, this billed remake, which is something I didn’t expect. Like others when I heard Herzog’s name attached to direct something as conventional as a crime pic, a remake of Ferrara’s cult and idiosyncratic BAD LIEUTENANT I had real doubts.

While intrigued by what Herzog could bring to the film, I had concerns.

Well after seeing PORT OF CALL I can say my concerns were unwarranted. Herzog weaves a film, that rare ‘remake’ that actually transcends its inspiration.

PORT OF CALL is an odd, strange, sad, insane, driven, slightly magical and elemental film, fueled by a great performance by Nicholas Cage and genre defying direction by Herzog.

Highly recommended film! B+.

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