New York Comic Con 2010 Breaking News!!!

New York Comic Con 2010 News!!!

Unfortunately because my butler with the bat-helicopter is too lazy to get me out to the con on time, I am not not going to be making it!

I’m so annoyed that i could scream….



Feel better now.

Not really, however the good news is a lot of people with reliable butlers are on the floor of the con, and bringing you the love!

Most of them of course, not being me, do a pretty bland job at it.

I mean come on, there is only one Lex Luger of blogging!!!

However, I search out the guys who are bringing the news with some personality and fun! I’ve searched and saved you time, by finding the best current coverage on the NYC CC 2010! and they are all pretty damn great!

So without further ado… Here are sites bringing the news on the mania that is NYC CC 2010!

First Showing brings the Thing Love! With this coverage on this weekend’s sneakpeak on the upcoming prequel to one of John Carpenter’s best films… THE THING!

Comics Beat is ROCKING the NYC CC 10 News! Dark Horse announces $1.49 comics via new app! Marvel Cutting back titles! (About time. See my earlier posting on DC flooding the market with titles). There has never been a harder partying comic con than NYCC 10. Comics Beat is much easier to navigate than Newsarama! Recommended!

New York comic Con 2010 Banner coverage from Media Bistro? Interesting.

And to get a real feel for the greatness those of you who didn’t make it to the con… missed (sigh); check out this fantastic post by Techland.

Criterion cast has a nice page on the highlight events for each day of the con!

And for sounds from the Con, Comic Timing recorded a podcast at the show!

Along with THE COMICS BEAT, and of course my site (Hey! I saw that look! :)) the site that’s a must for breaking NYC CC 2010 Coverage is Comics Related! Those guys just rock it.

Fantastic pics by OVER THINKING IT!

And IFanboy also is a must stop for all the con news you can use! 🙂

Eff it. I’m buying my airline tickets to New York Comic Con 2011 Today!!!! Alfred… YOU’RE FIRED!

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