2010 Movie Trailer Reviews! Studios vs Directors?!

Okay, I checked out a bunch of trailers so you don’t have to. I’m going to seperate the best from the rest to save you downloading time. This is definitely the year of the first time director, as quite a few movies are by Directorial virgins, and I’ve noted that where I felt appropriate:

Favorite trailers:

EXPENDABLES- nuff said
THE AMERICAN- see earlier rave about it
RESIDENT EVIL 3- Not really sold on the director, or any of the previous films in the franchise, but the fact that it’s shot in 3D, and the preview looks serviceable, I’m willing to give it a chance. Matinee showing, not full price.
THE WILD HUNT-interesting premise. One of the few non-remakes/adaptations, an honest to goodness original looking flick.
RED- based on a Warren Ellis Graphic Novel, looks fun
MONSTERS- Trailer looks good. However 1st time director, and a CLOVERFIELD vibe have me slightly concerned. I hated CLOVERFIELD.
FASTER- Dwayne Johnson stars in this George Tillman Jr Directed flick. Looks a lot more interesting than the Cage parody, DRIVE ANGRY (which I admit isn’t saying much, but we’ll see)
TRON:LEGACY- Yet another first time director, with as far as I can tell NO EXPERIENCE, and Disney gives him this and slated to direct three other high profile items?! I understand everyone has to start someplace, but usually you don’t start with one of the bigger movies of the year. Someone’s nephew perhaps? :). Or is it more insidious than that? Much as the boom of reality TV was about breaking the back of the writers and not paying them an equitable share (or any share) in new distribution models, is this fad of first time directors, about breaking the back of established directors? Bringing newbies they can pay less, and control more? Perhaps the reason directors of the caliber of Edward Zwick and Carl Franklin (two of my favorite directors)work infrequently at best.

I’ve always followed directors. It is directors more than stars, that get me interested in a film. I would be far more interested in TRON if an established director was helming it.

I think producers will find they are diminishing themselves, their own returns, if they try and diminish the status of the director to films, if they try for a hired gun approach. Cinema is about visions. It’s about Hitchcock and Peckinpah and Fincher and Snyder.

Always has been.

Always will be.

But my tirade aside, getting back to TRON, the trailer looks nice, and it is in IMAX 3d, which as I’ve said before is the ONLY 3D worth your money. .

Least favorite trailers/Trailers that I have no interest in seeing the movie:

SCOTT PILGRIM- not a fan of the comic, and not remotelyt intrigued by the trailer
THE TOWN-looks interesting, just not a fan of Affleck’s previous
THE SOCIAL NETWORK-The only thing this movie has going for it is the name of its director, David Fincher, but even he can’t get me interested in this life-time special masquerading as a movie. A movie on Facebook? Really?

Films I haven’t seen a trailer for but have me intrigued is the remake of RED DAWN. I didn’t think the first RED DAWN was a good movie, so like I said, if Hollywood insists on doing remakes, remaking a flawed movie is the way to go. Another first time director, Dan Bradley, helms this, but he brings a wealth of experience as a 2nd Unit Director and Stunt Coordinator. So visually he has me intrigued to see what he brings to the table.

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