Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION Movie Trailer

Chris Nolan films are always for me, interesting failures.

I’ve discussed him previously, and his films don’t quite come together for me. That said, my problems with his THE DARK KNIGHT noted, it was easily his best film todate. Showed a real growth in terms of his story telling ability, and his ability to manage a truly epic film. The center piece of the Dark Night, is Nolan bringing multiple plot points together and weaving them into each other (the assasination scene) to create a moment of real… impact.

I don’t see THE DARK KNIGHT as a great movie, but it does have some absolutely great moments. I see hints of these moments in the trailer for Nolan’s latest INCEPTION.

Time will tell if the movie is another leap forwward for Nolan, if the movie is… great moments that hang together to make a great film. I would like it to be. As Chris Nolan on his A game, throughout an entire film, can only be… a win/win situation.

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