Quick Reviews!

ASTERIOS POLYP and HUNTER are two recent Graphic Novels, that have received much acclaim. Unfortunately I found both books to fall short of that acclaim.

ASTERIOS POLYP, David Mazzuchelli’s long awaited return to graphic literature, an Ayn Rand like dissection of a singular architect. I quite missed the art sytyle that made Mazzuchelli famous, this one drawn in a simplified New Yorker/Seth style, that wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t my cup of tea, or the Mazzuchelli artwork that made the world take notice. And the story ultimately just didn’t hold my attention. It’s worth a look if you can get it from the library, but not a buy.

HUNTER, Darwyn Cooke’s adaption of Richard Stark’s PARKER is better than POLYP, but I don’t find it particulartly arresting or memorable. Good but never is more than that. Another one that’s worth a look, if you can pick it up at the Library, but not a buy.

The acclaim on both books was so high that I almost bought them both, sight unseen, and having read them from the Library I’m really glad I didn’t buy them.

Two that didn’t get the acclaim, but deserved it was BAYOU by Jeremy Love and ALICE IN SUNDERLAND by Bryan Talbot. Both I paid for and am glad I did, absolutely brilliant. Both are essential additions to any collection. A more indepth interview, coming.

And wrapping up these reviews, thoughts on 2 recent DVDs seen:

X-MEN ORIGINS- Okay. Enjoyable in parts, mediocre in parts. Best thing in the entire film was the beginning credit sequence. I could rewatch that credit sequence, the rest of the movie… not so much. I do appreciate the effort the actors put in, I just don’t think the film was particularly well put together. C-/D+.

STAR TREK (2009)- I haven’t been a fan of any feature film JJ Abrams has done. Part of the reason I didn’t go out of my way to see this on the big screen. However, the praise was correct. Abrams manages to reboot the franchise, not just with blockbuster action and special effects, but with a pretty damn smart script/premise. Really well done. Up there with the best of Trek, such as THE WRATH OF KAHN, FIRST CONTACT and UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY. A-.

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