PODCASTS RECAP July 2009 Edition

Okay I have WAY too many podcasts piling up on my hardrive, so that means it’s time for PODCAST RECAP, where I bring to your attention some specific podcasts goodness that you may have missed. Most of this is 09 stuff, but you may find some older shows/episodes represented.

Okay without further ado:

AT HOME FILM FESTIVAL 030-Hosted by Elroy and John, I stumbled across this one when looking for more movie podcasts, to fill the downtime between episodes of the excellent MONDO MOVIES and B-MOVIE CAST. Episode 30- is their favorite Soundtrack Episode. Good episode, nice one to start with if you haven’t tried any from this show. Also Episode 31- Favorite ghost movies and Episode 32- Their favorite monster movies.

THE CRAWL-SPACE- If you’re a Spiderman fan, this may be the podcast for you. Some interesting episodes, particularly their multi-part Sal Buscema episode, with guest stars galore. It runs across episodes #55,56, and 57.

B-MOVIE CAST- As any of you who have followed this blog can attest B-MOVIE CAST is one of my recommended podcasts. But I especially want to highlight a recent episode that I thought was worth a listen. Particularly the call in section at the beginning of episode #61.

One of their callers, Paul from New Jersey, has some really interesting points on podcasting, and new film distribution options. But it is caller Mark from New Jersey who does a surprisingly informed call in regarding the difference between Haitian Zombie Films and Romero Zombie Films (what we’ve come to call Zombies).

No, no stick with me. It’s actually very interesting. And I’m not a fan of ‘Zombie’ films (unless you’re talking Original/Haitian Zombie films, and those I do like).

Mark breaks down the genesis of the current flesh eating Zombie craze, tracing it from Matheson to Romero to Fulci, and the fact that it’s essentially some vampire/ghoul hybrid and not a zombie in the original Haitian sense. The classic Zombie (ie the Haitian Zombie), being nothing more than a reanimated man, typically reanimated for the purpose of carrying out another’s will. In that way having more in common with the Jewish Golem than the blood sucking Vampire.

While I was familiar with most of this, Mark just wraps the whole thing up with a nice bow, and quickly puts into perspective the misnomer of current “Zombie” films. And perhaps raises deeper questions about exactly what this Zombie/Cannibal fad is saying about our society. Good stuff.

Moving on to another recommended podcast, HORROR ETC: Checking out their archive section, their M. Night Shyamalan episode #25 is good stuff. And their Nature vs. Man episode #71 is likewise a keeper.

PODCAST ON FIRE is a new one on my radar that is devoted to everything related to Asian Cinema, dive in and see what appeals to you.

CGS #654 (Comic Geek Speak)- Brings us info on perhaps a real player in the much discussed Digital Comic Book discussion. While no particular fan of the idea of digital comics, found this an interesting and informative episode.

IFANBOY #192- Covers Wednesday Comics among other books. Good episode.

To find any of the shows mentioned just do a search (I list a couple recommended search engines in the column to your right there).

And speaking of WEDNESDAY COMICS I’ll have a review of the first 4 issues coming up soon. But in short I think it’s great both in concept and so far in execution. It is the only reason I actually set foot in a comic book store these days. Just a brilliant concept, though I have to echo the sentiment of others that the price-point is too high. At $2 or $2.50 it would have had better adoption, and been a better value for the readers money. I’m a fan but at $4 a pop, I’m having a hard time justifying that expense every week. And all it would take is one weak week (no pun intended)to give me an excuse to wait for the trade or the back issue bin.

Anyhow keep an eye peeled for that review.

Okay that’s it for this post.

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