The Somalian Pirates are coming! The Somalian Pirates are coming!

I’m always interested in the catch phrases the media adopts, across the board.

Words like Insurgents for people who if we were in their shoes we would call… Freedom Fighters.

Refugees for people who if we were in their shoes we would call… American citizens.

Pirates for people who if we were in their shoes we would call… Defending their shores.

Everybody is talking Somali pirates… or Somalian… take your pick.

Okay let’s talk about this… “pirating”.

That boat they hijacked was delivering arms being shipped from the US, from the Ukraine, from all over the fucking world, so that bloody, genocidal, and suicidal civil wars can continue on the African continent. At last count there were 52 Wars going on in the African continent.

Can you imagine that? 52 Armed and bloody conflicts.

Pants … this is for you… 52! (Inside joke).

And where are these arms coming from that one bunch of goons is supplied with (typically to overthrow a government that’s not inline with US interests)? Where are these arms coming from that a continent is using to massacre itself? I mean they are not being built in theses countries, so where are these weapons of insane death coming from? Hmm? Any hands?

These are colonial wars. Is anyone stupid enough not to know that? These are wars for silver, and gold, and land… oh my. You keep Eastern nations in disarray, and western corporations in the midst of this… loot the nation of all its wealth. And then give them “relief” for the holocaust it has made of their nation.


God forbid America speaks of Pirates.

Anyhow, yeah… so it amazes me how these buzzwords get adopted… across the board.

Across the board.

How is it that every network, every newspaper, every announcer begins almost immediately using the same buzzwords?

Because they all get down on their knees to the same global interests, and read from the same script. Whenever the US or Israel media call you something bad, more than likely you’re interfering with them killing someone, someplace.

So yeah… whenever I hear these buzzwords, I automatically hear bullshit. Calling these fuckers pirates, which probably means there is a complex issue here, and probably some validity to their seizing that ship. And more than likely the US is selling death where it shouldn’t be again.

Pirates my ass. Yeah there are pirates, but more often then not… they fly under the US flag.

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