Podcasts, Streaming Audio, A New Golden Age of ‘Radio’, Net Nuetrality, and Historic Times

In case you don’t realize it, because people seldom realize when they are living in times historic, we are living in a golden age of audio drama to rival radio of the 1920s and 1930s.

Notice I said a golden age of audio drama, because while conventional radio is ever more of an endangered, and one-note spectrum, being ruthlessly land-grabbed by government and corporate oligarchies; audio drama in the form of the, for now thankfully unhindered, web (say NO to Net Neutrality)… is thriving.

The internet, the World Wide Web, is a venue, where a little guy with a soapbox and a passion can get his message out to the masses. And that (in the form of blogs, streaming radio but especially podcasts) is exactly what has been happening in the last several years. As internet access replaces television as the global medium for dissemination and communication. As technology has become cheap enough, and bandwidth large enough to allow staggeringly fast transmission of audio and video to distant corners of the globe.

And one of the great things about that, as a fan of audio dramas and old time radio, is the proliferation of podcasts, of homemade ‘radio’ shows. Shows done for the love, on relatively non-existent budgets by people just like you and me. And these shows are BETTER, AND MORE POPULAR than conventional, corporate heavy and controlled radio has been for generations. And it’s because they are shows being controlled and created out of love by people for the people, rather than programs controlled by soulless suits for commerce and to an audience they neither respect nor understand.

So today, the internet is an open range manned by cowboys and Indians and endless oceans of Buffalo. A place filled with possibilities. But on the horizon are the suits waiting to fence that range, pit cowboy against Indian, slaughter the herds, and replace possibilities with profit. Only profit.

They (there’s always a they isn’t there? council people, and senators, and board of directors, people who are always ever busy… legislating what is best for you) are already working hard to make the Internet go the way of Radio and Television… to become a medium where the average citizen is priced out of the ability to have their voices, their blogs, their podcasts, their streaming radio… heard by the masses. Unrestrained Capitalism at the end of the day is always about limiting options, those who have prospered by the loopholes of freedom, closing them up (grandfathering themselves in) so others cannot similarly prosper.

The irony lost on them, that in their greed they deny others the liberties that were allowed to them.

So if history is to judge, if the news is to be judged, the freedoms of the internet we currently enjoy are endangered freedoms. And must be aggressively guarded.

And should be, if for no other reason that without those freedoms we would have none of the following shows I’ll be bringing you in the next few installments. How’s that for a cliffhanger?!! 🙂 .

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