Real Wealth and Richard Taylor’s rendition of Poe’s THE TELL TALE HEART


I want very few things in my life.

When you’re young you want everything. All the things those tv gods promise you.

If you are lucky enough not to die young or live stupid, you realize the things that are important have very little to do with what everyone has told you. Has very little to do with the bling (street slang for riches– for the uninformed among you).

Though without doubt, without money those higher things in life, those real things in life, are hard to attain.

But money will not give you an appreciation for those things. A fool with money is still a fool. And he will be parted from it and all his things, and he will have missed out on the pursuit of real wealth.

What is real wealth?

I reckon if you’re reading this you know it, and a few of you, a lucky few, may have it. Hold onto it. To real wealth. Hold on to hearth and home, wife and children.

Because that is a wealth… that if you invest in it, endures.

Man, that was awful somber for a Sunday.

Chalk it up to… nostalgia. Yeah, that gets blamed for a lot. 🙂 .



Leaving on a more up-tempo beat, the real reason I started to post was to share a fantastic find with you.

Well whether you think it’s fantastic depends on two things:

1/ are you a huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe?


2/ are you a huge fan of audio dramas?

I happen to be guilty of both of the above vices, so the recent link I stumbled across, and just got finished listening to… made my day.

It happens to be, a combination of both those things.

It is from the 60s, 1960s to be precise. An mp3 of a record created for kids. This particular record is performed by Richard Taylor ( a person I’m not familiar with. I’ve searched and these kids records appear to be his only available work) and on it he tackles Edgar Allen Poe’s THE TELL TALE HEART and THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM.

I don’t know what kids this was aimed at, but it is a frigging UNHINGED performance!


I’ve heard and seen just about every take on THE TELL TALE HEART there is. It is one of my favorite stories, perhaps the favorite. So I’ve heard everyone’s take on it, Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, you name em, I’ve heard em. And Filmwise, I’ve seen at least 6 to 8 different versions of The Tell-Tale Heart.

But not in all the ones I’ve come across have I seen anyone give a more kirking, manic performance than Richard Taylor does; in these 4 decade old recordings.

It is such a joy to see someone just throw themselves into a part, that I had a smile from ear to ear while listening to this stuff. And i was roaring with appreciation through most of it.

And I’m not talking about someone just hamming it up, or over acting, as I’ve heard some bad examples of actors doing just that with Poe material (most recently THE STRANGE CASE OF EDGAR ALLEN POE I thought had some poor performances, that said BBC is typically excellent. Their recent TELL TALE HEART, read by Richard Pasco, is brilliant).

Without a doubt Richard Taylor is off the charts, but the difference is, you don’t see the artifice, the acting, you don’t see the wires, he makes you buy that he is in the moment, is— this madness. It is a brilliant performance. So good it impelled me to share it, here, with you.

And we have to thank, for the availability of this otherwise lost gem, the fantastic site: SCAR STUFF. For saving this record from the trashbin of history, he and his site should be applauded.

So go on over there and listen to Richard Taylor’s rendition of Edgar Allen Poe’s THE TELL TALE HEART (The site has a few other Taylor recordings, some great [THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USER], some poor [THE BLACK CAT- Taylor stumbles and fumbles many lines, and the obtrusive music doesn’t help, but still well worth a listen] but THE TELL HEART is Richard Taylor’s finest hour).

If you get a 10th as much enjoyment out of it as I did, consider yourself… well paid. You can add it, this really enjoyable performance, to those few things in your life, that you call… real wealth.

Do you like how I tied that up in a bow? Yeah I thought it was pretty nifty.

Oh and if anyone has additional Richard Taylor performances, or is aware of anything else he did, please contact me. And finally, if you guys appreciate this blog and these posts, do me a favor, leave a comment. It helps. It really does. I know you’re looking, cause I can see the stats, but it would be nice if more of you guys left comments or emailed as well.

Thanks, and please enjoy.

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