Catching Up

Last six months have been financially not good for me. A situation undoubtedly shared by many.

But it has offered me time to pursue various interests, to varying degrees of success. On a business level, it’s spurred me into being creative to pay the bills. I’m networking my little heart out. I’m trying, and to paraphrase the lone gunmen “I never gave up. I never will. And if at the end of the day that’s the best they can say about me… it’ll do.”

So… it’ll do.

On the art side it’s giving me a lot of time to feed my large, and rapacious appetite for the sights, sounds, and texts of art on the edge.

So first, big kudos to some captivating websites.

Archive.Org- I’ve sung the praise of this site before and will continue to. The majority of what I’ve watched and listened to in the last month has come from this site. It is just an essential resource. Unfortunately uploads appear to have tapered off, particularly of movies. But also of old time radio.

I intend to upload some public domain films and radio, to give back a little to this great resource.

But in the meantime some highlights from


The Threshold People- Have two albums on the site, theme/horror related electronic/sampled music. And they are both PHENOMENAL! They are SEVEN LEGS FROM AN EIGHT LEGGED BEAST (A must listen to any lover of old , classic monster movies) and NIGHT OF THE THRESHOLD PEOPLE. Put on your headphones (the way all this audio should be appreciated) and enjoy! A/A+.

Sypha Nadon – Threnody for Zumb Zumb- I listened to the title song of this album, interesting but too monotonous.

Plague- There’s episodes of this freeform radio show up on archive. Nothing ground breaking, just music with a light pop, folk bent. One episode is probably enough. Try one for yourself. C.

More later.

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