East, West, and the Nones of February

I remember now

what I had forgotten

about the time and the tides and America

And America.

I remember what I had forgotten.


Shakespeare was wrong.

It was not the Ides of March that people should beware, it was the Nones of February.

And those days, that lurk around it.


My God, it’s good to go out again. First time in a while. And good to be going out on the East Coast. LA/Socal is a different beast, it’s oddly cold and impersonal. A state very few of us are stranger to, but East Coast compensates for it with some really humanistic artists. People who care, and are compassionate about things other than themselves.

I found the greater LA area to be a place that largely lived up to its stereotypes. A shallow place, filled with shallow people.

There were of course exceptions. And braving sub-zero weather to attend tonight’s function, needless to say I missed the weather of Southern LA.

But there was a warmth coming off that crowd at the spoken word venue, that had no measure, no equal in the toasty beaches of California.

Great fun. Will post pictures later.

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