On Eartha Kitt, Catwoman, Julie NewMar and Life

earthakitI just found out that Eartha Kitt, the multi-talented one, Catwoman has passed away.

A touchstone of my youth, on Dec 25th 2008, four days ago as of this writing, has departed.. has left.

My god, everyone I grew up with, all the icons of my youth, are passing away.

Ozzie Davis, Gordon Parks, Paul Winfield, James Brown, Issac Hayes, Paul Newman… now Eartha Kitt.

My Catwoman.

I grew up watching her on reruns of the old Adam West Batman, as Catwoman, a role she shared with the equally brilliant Julie Newmar.

My god, I had such a crush on those two women.

Eartha Kitt had a career that was far larger than her guest role as Catwoman, that role was just a small piece of a grand and varied career, that included music, dancing, theater, and films… but for a little kid, that small piece of her career, playing a purring, feline felon, was the piece that mattered.

Those two women, for me, were the twin suns of my youthful sky. And now one of them has set.

And the world is that much dimmer.

But I’d like to believe someplace else… is far brighter.

Thanks Eartha, for my youth. And wherever you are… dazzle them.


On a related note, TCM (Turner Classic Movies) every year, does their TCM remembers segment. It’s one reason TCM is my favorite channel. They understand history, the importance of it. And the importance of people. Every year their TCM segment breaks my heart, and enriches it. Breaks it for the share number of those who have passed, enriches it, in the knowledge that they will be remembered. Years 2005 through 2008 are available on Youtube for viewing.

I recommend it.


And turning toward life.


My other Catwoman, the ravishing Julie Newmar, the sun that still lights up my horizon, is still wowing people, and has a book coming out in 2009. Go swing by her site and give her much love.


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