What are you reading?! Novels, Biographies and Comics on my Radar!

despitesystemBefore I wrap up part two of my Holiday posting, wanted to take a brief detour.

My read pile, I’ve recently noticed, has become a little daunting. Between old stuff, new stuff, novels, comics, non-fiction, I have a huge stack of books to read. But unfortunately not enough time in the day to get to read them.

You guys know how busy it can get this time of year with family, job (or interviews), school, house, repairs, cars, moving, just the minutiae of life and love and learning in the 21st century. And if I did TV or video games like other people, I’d probably find even less time to read.

But as it is, I try to squeak in at least an hour of day. And depending on the book, I can make enough time to breeze through one in two days (CAUGHT STEALING by Charlie Huston being the last novel I finished).

But here’s the pile of books/reading material I’m currently looking at getting through:

VIETNAM JOURNAL- issues 1 to 16 by Don Lomax. Need to finish up the last 6 issues.

SONGS OF A DEAD DREAMER- Thomas Ligotti. Partially completed collection of short stories.

THE SHADOW AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD- Also Ligotti. Almost done with this collection of his short stories.

AAAIIIEEE!!! by Jeffrey Thomas- Nice self published short story collection. Guy is a very good horror writer.

DOKTOR SLEEPLESS 1-8 Warren Ellis- Liked the first Issue

classwarCLASSWAR- I just finished this 3 issue Trade collecting the 2003 series by Rob Williams of COMX. Wow! Long before Warren Ellis’ BLACK SUMMER, Williams’ CLA$$WAR is a biting take on the Bush regime. Great read, fantastic art. There is talk of a new trade that collects the whole six issue series. So will keep my eye out for that.

ALREADY DEAD by Charlie Huston


There’s more, but have to run. Feel free to email me with what’s on your “To Read” pile. 🙂 .

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