Recommended Links: Paula Woods, Dwayne Swierczynski, Cornell Woolrich, Charlie Huston

Here it is.

Sure sign of the apocalypse… a blogger recommending other bloggers and related pop-culture sites.

But seriously my bookmarks tend to get very bloated over time, so this exercise is more than anything to help me define what sites I should keep, and that I need to visit more routinely. And if in addition to that stated purpose; this overview also comes as handy and helpful guide to one of you reading this… then so much the better.

Okay onto it:

sdbheader3SECRET DEAD BLOG– I have only read one thing by writer Duane Swierczynski, and that was his MOON KNIGHT annual of a year or so ago. What I read impressed me, and as his blog shows he has impeccable taste in all things pulp and horror, I try to remember to peek in on his site occasionally. Good stuff. Of his books, I think I’ll give his WHEEL MAN, THE CRIMES OF DR. WATSON INTERACTIVE BOOK, and MURDER AT WAYNE MANOR INTERACTIVE BOOK a try wheelman011007drwatson(I was a fan of those choose your own adventure books as a kid. So these sound like they would make good presents for nieces and nephews. I’ll have to read them and confirm they are age appropriate). But with a stack of books that includes 4 Chester Himes books, 12 Cornell Woolrich, 3 Charlie Huston, 1 Walter Mosley and my usual mountainous stack of comics and magazines…it may be a bit before I get to WHEEL MAN. We’ll see.

THRILLING DETECTIVE– This site covering all things noirish, hard boiled, and pulp-fiction inspired has for about ten years been a regular member of my bookmark lists. It is just a staggering and valuable resource for all mystery fans out there, whether your particular poison be radio, movies, tv, comics or dare I say it… novels. And with their extensive link section it really is your one stop shop for anything mystery related. Highly Recommended!

Hard-Boiled Forum recommendationsThis is actually an old Bulletin Board thread, but has some really nifty recommendations for Hard-Boiled books and films. I’ve tried a sizable # of the recommendations.

bestcwjapanWoolrich TimelineI consider Cornell Woolrich to be one of the most phenomenal writers of the 20th century, his writing style transcends what he writes about, or transforms it… so that acts of murder or the mundane become instead, in his words, dizzying moments of grace, or alien acts of birth. He is the pragmatist as romantic, and thankfully his output (writing under 3 different names) was nothing short of staggering. And he was one of the few writers who was as good at the novel as he was with the short story, which gives me quite a body of work to sample. I find this page very helpful in determining the chronology of Woolrich, and therefore the next Woolrich story to go hunting for. rendbal

SAVAGE CRITIC Blog– You know when I’m looking for comic reviews, I’m not looking for long, spoiler filled dissections. Keep it short, keep it simple, tell me if the book was bad, good, or great; and a general idea why. This site run by Uber-Retailer Brian Hibbs, does just that. Arguably the best review site on the web, easily the most navigable. No Flash, No Javascript… just getting to the point.

spooks_spies_mimg Paula Woods is a reviewer/editor turned acclaimed mystery writer. A few years ago (wait… has it really been 13 years?!), Paula Woods put together one of my favorite anthologies in 1995’s SPOOKS,SPIES, AND PRIVATE EYES: BLACK MYSTERY, CRIME, AND SUSPENSE FICTION OF THE 20TH CENTURY. Along with Harlan Ellison’s DANGEROUS VISIONS it’s one of the best anthologies I’ve come across, and long overdue. Long out of print it’s a title I always pick up copies of, when I come across them, usually to hand out as gifts. Both historically relevant, as well as plain intriguing you might find it an equally compelling gift for the Mystery Lover in your life. Highly Recommended!

Fascinating article on the surge in Black Mystery writers.

Interesting Writers conference happening next year

caughtstealingsmallAnd let me just wrap this surprisingly time consuming post up, with a recommendation on what I’m reading right now. I’m 59 pages into Charlie Huston’s first novel CAUGHT STEALING. In a word… phenomenal. Terse, effective, almost stream of consciousness in how information is presented, 1st person narrative, that toys with time and perspective, to gripping effect. So far CAUGHT STEALING is a home-run. that completely works.

Okay that’s all for now. More later!

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