THE RED TOWER by Thomas Ligotti; and BARAKA Blu-ray DVD, plus Items for Sale!

Some odds and ends:

THE SHORT STORY RECOMMENDATION PAGE has been updated with a review of Thomas Ligotti’s THE RED TOWER. It’s quite good. Ligotti is a writer whose work does not always appeal, and perhaps you even have to be in the mood for his particular brand of horror, but I find myself, after some period of time… returning to his anthology THE SHADOW AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD to finish the remaining stories.

Among the ones I have left to finish are:

ALICE’S LAST ADVENTURE (I’ve actually started this a couple times, just does not grab me)

So as soon as I have those under my belt, I’ll add their reviews to the short story section.


I find myself very uninterested in this whole Blue Ray HD-DVD adoption push. I’ve sampled other people’s Blue Ray setups, and while the picture is better, it’s arguable whether a bare bones, featureless Bluray-DVD justifies the inflated cost.

To my mind it doesn’t… which is why for the moment I’m sticking with STANDARD DVDs. Though two BLURAY DVDs that have me interested (should the prices drop into regular DVD range, and should Bluray offer all the commentaries and extras of regular DVDs) are BARAKA and ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST. Both of these discs seem to have gone the extra mile to actually produce images that are actual improvements, rather than just resolution adjustments.


Final comment… Check out the following link for a variety of items on sale; including books, CDs, posters, DVDs, and comics:

Items for Sale

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