UNDER THE RADAR #5 is HERE! Much belated issue.If you don’t know what UNDER THE RADAR is, I’m way too tired after assembling this latest issue to explain it to you :).

But seriously, it’s basically just a primer for slims (comic books- they’re these things made out of paper and filled with images and words, put together in a push-pull configuration 🙂 ) coming out soon. And to get the best of these books, pretty much unlike any other medium, really depends on pre-orders. So this is a list of books that arrive in stores July. But the catch is, the small companies will only show up in your local comic store, or online comic store, if you order them this month.

There are tons of places you can order from. If you have a cool comic store in your town, you can print out the PDF and take it to them and say “I want this, and this, and this” or if you don’t have a great local comic shop there are numerous online comic shops (just do a search at http://www.scroogle.org or clusty.com) that will mail-order you the books.

But you can’t order what you don’t know about, and that’s where UNDER THE RADAR comes in.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in the attached (25 page worked my fingers to the bone, took me three nights to assemble) PDF:

by Dave Sim “World Peace: Michael Kors Luggage Leads the Way!”; “There’s Nothing Funny About Anti-Depressants”; and, as a bonus, “Skanko’s Top 5 Ways I Drive My Men Wild in Bed,” plus an initial examination of the Big Three pioneers of realistic comic art: Hal Foster, Alex Raymond, and Milt Caniff, and Caniff’s influence on Raymond’s “Beyond Noir” style. 24pgs, B&W SRP: $3.00
The first issue got mixed reviews, I personally enjoyed it. A great history and art lesson all in one, it’s a definite buy.


$3.99 PISTOLFIST #1 (OF 4)

by J.S. Earl, David A. Flanary, Jr. & Andres Guinaldo How precious is your freedom? Would you fight for it? Would you dare to die for it? Set amidst the American Revolution, this critically-acclaimed series follows the saga of a mysterious, masked runaway slave whose destiny is helplessly entwined with that of a famous, yet frail, Benjamin Franklin. Inspired by true characters and events, you’ll soon discover why fans and fellow creators alike have chosen to “rev it up!” SC, 32pgs, FC (1 of 4) SRP: $3.99

This company has been doing the Harryhausen line of books. Wasn’t hyped enough to pick those up, but this series sounds intriguing and fascinating!


The seventh volume in this distinguished series focuses entirely on one of comics’ most esteemed and influential creators, Harvey Kurtzman, whose complete Comics Journal interviews are collected in this lavishly illustrated full-color edition. Obscurities unearthed from Kurtzman’s solo freelance career from Children’s Digest, Pageant, U.S. Crime, Varsity and Why, are featured, most of which haven’t been seen since their original publication. SC, 12×12, 124pgs, PC SRP: $19.95

Harvey Kurtzman jumped on my radar due to his absolutely fantastic work for EC. For that work alone this oversized trade is a buy. Let’s put it this way CJ Library has released 6 previous volumes, covering other acclaimed creators, and this is the only one I’m buying from them.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For the whole nine… go here..



This weeks comic review:

BIZARRE NEW WORLD #1- I finally got around to reading a teaser on-line copy of Skipp Martin’s BIZARRE NEW WORLD. I’m not big on reading comics on-line, tends to give me a headache, but I have to say I’m glad I stuck with this one.

Cause I found the first issue really very smart, and surprisingly captivating. As it takes a personal look at the ramifications of learning… you could fly. Martin’s very much grounded approach to a man who can fly, is oddly addictive, his first issue ending on a strong cliffhanger. And the art of Christopher Provencher, slightly cartoony, fits perfectly to evoke the mundane and the marvelous, he has real animation, storytelling chops, and the story rests heavily on his ability to convey much with many wordless, quiet panels.

Add to that the colors and letters of Wes Dzioba, which complements the expressive art, and slightly bittersweet story. I believe the trade of the first series is on the racks, and the 2nd series is almost ready to be traded.

I have to say, both are on my radar now, and I want to read more. Recommended!

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