Oy Vey! Meshugena! Mozzeltof and other jewish words I can’t be bolloxed to spell right! :) or GEEK SYNDICATE Rules!

heh, heh.


“Dick Van Dyke ‘s my friend.”

For those of you who don’t get the reference go here and listen to Episode #433:

Comic Geek Speak Episodes

And yes this post is just me killing time to catch up on other postings.

Heh heh. Sneaky aren’t I?

But seriously COMIC GEEK SPEAK, and GEEK SYNDICATE are two great shows.

It could be a little challenging downloading some of the GEEK SYNDICATE episodes, but for the love of all that’s holy, listen to episodes #19 thru #24 of GEEK SYNDICATE. Oh my goodness!! It’s the Babylon 5 of comic podcasts, just this wonderful arc of humor and hijinks and sci-fi goodness… from one podcast to the next.

Their new shows are great, but I would highly recommend starting your introduction to GEEK SYNDICATE by listening to those six shows from episodes 19 through episode 24. It’s podcasting at its finest and most insane.

Go here to listen:


And keep searching through older postings until you download episodes 19 through 24.

Again this is a little challenging because the links on the older episodes are all messed up (say Thank you Barry, Thank you Dave –:the hosts of GEEK SYNDICATE—- 🙂 ) but with some creative hacking you can download the episodes. If you have any trouble getting the episodes reach out to the GEEk SYNDICATE or yours truly.

Well enough yapping… you have listening homework to do… go… listen…. laugh…. and fear the Epoc!!!! (You have to listen to get that reference :)-)

And drop them a message and tell them Heroic Times sent you… AND HELL’S COMING WITH YOU!

Okay me sleep now. 🙂

p.s. Check out my THE ESSENTIAL WARREN ELLIS to your right, in th sidebar there. It’s a pretty nifty beginning. 🙂 .


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