You know people are always talking about how laid back Californians are… It’s a frigging lie! :)

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m loving California.

You can pry this weather out of my cold, dead hands. There’s nothing like walking on the frigging beach in February and ogling the Volleyball babes.

So yes in that way you can not complain.

But California for all that good… has its dark side to go along with it. The fact that every one here, even seemingly the most laid back hippie types… walk around with a certain amount of trepidation. A distrust of strangers. As if waiting for the next shoe to drop, or the next cheek to be slapped.

( 🙂 I couldn’t resist this pic. Following the cheek slapped line… I know… I’m so juvenile. Okay back to being serious.)

And perhaps that reaction or lack of true interaction between people, is part and parcel of being in this very large landmass. But a landmass that feels ever more unsteady… ever more… at sea. California is lands end… and it feels like it. Always at risk of being shattered by earthquakes, torched by wildfires, or swallowed back into the sea. And the environmental uncertainty is nothing compared to the social uncertainty. Southern Cal is so segmented and chopped up and divided that it lacks any real sense of community or self. Greater LA, Southern Cal, pick a name… you see it’s too spread out to even pin it down to a city or a neighborhood… Southern Cal/Greater LA is a metropolis in search of itself.

With ethnic issues, and cultural issues, and immigration issues, and economic issues, and employment issues, and housing issues, and over-population issues, and natural disaster issues, the greater LA area in the next few years is poised to explode… in a conflagration that will make the LA riots look like a tea party.

Greater LA is a melting pot, at the point of boil. And not all the ingredients… will survive the heat.

Pass me my guns…. B**tches!! 🙂


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