SOCKS or Eso si que es or That’s what I want!

I started taking a speed spanish class last week. One lesson in, and I’m pretty darn impressed. I took spanish like most people, back in my junior high , high school days. And what I can remember from that you can fit on the head of a pin.

But the difference in the effectiveness of the teaching is clearly apparent. Our current Speed Spanish teacher, teaches with her body (get your mind out of the gutter) and using allegory and imagery … using symbolism that goes to the heart of how we process information, and what we recall.

And I’m following up the class, by doing the recommended fifteen minutes a day of studying. So like I said… pretty darn impressed with the teaching style.


Update: 12 Dec 08

Holiday items for sale:



Primera excusa mi pobre español.

Si es realmente malo dejarme un comentario me corregir.

Bueno ahora a las empresas.

Me alegra que tropecé aquí! En esta sección bastante útil, descubre cosas que amo, cosas que me gustan, y las cosas me parece intrigante, aquí todos los disponibles para la venta.

Espero que esta página un lugar divertido para gente que busca artículos interesantes. Por lo tanto, vuelve a menudo. Y dejar comentarios.

Por lo tanto, en la actualidad productos para la venta:

Si ves un tema que le gustaría tratar, por favor, utilice los siguientes enlaces para comprar los artículos que me ayudan a generar ingresos. Por lo tanto, es una situación win-win. Usted obtiene grandes temas y generar dinero para ayudar a mantener este blog y va en aumento.

Gracias y tendrás un gran fin de semana.

Books For Kids of all ages!


AMELIA RULES- I picked an issue of this comic up for free, along with free versions of SIMPSONS, SCOTT PILGRIM and OWLY and a few other kid friendly comics; and while all those books are good, AMELIA RULES clearly stood out from the pack.

It was just such a fun, endearing book. So much so that I decided to pick up the AMELIA RULES: WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? trade. I have to say, that book will make you happy. It hits the Charlie Brown note of telling stories of a pack of neighborhood kids, but is its own animal, by including the misadventures of the adults as well.

It is a bittersweet, at times biting satire, but always heartwarming chronicle of a young bunch of friends, and their wonder years.

There are three trades currently and the fourth is on the way. Jimmy Gownley has yet to place a foot wrong, and if you’re looking for a great read for kids, as well as layered humor that will also make adults laugh out loud for different reasons then these are the books you want to buy. Highly Recommended!

(Example of that layered storytelling: In the Ninja Battle story of WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, there’s a line shouted by the character REGGIE as he tries to hold onto his presidency. It’s a line that kids will laugh at because it’s just a funny line, but politically savvy adults will laugh out loud at, because it satirizes a recent political reality. That is unbelievably difficult to do, write a multi-leveled work, that can be many things to many people. But Gownley in AMELIA RULES pulls it off.)Click here to buy Amelia Rules! Your funny bone will thank you!


K-CHRONICLES-by Keith Knight. And speaking of satire. I had the great pleasure of meeting the author and artist of the K-CHRONICLES, Keith Knight at a recent con, and purchasing two of his books from him. The books are Just funny, fantastic, insightful looks at the world, from a most unique 20something protagonist.

From making a living as a Michael Jackson impersonator to the finer points of Frat parties and beer bongs to that oddest of things called Californication (where people from California, want people from other states to stay the heck away) it’s just a great strip, to touch base with often.

Cartoons and cartoonists like this give me hope for the future of the medium. And thankfully there is now a thick compilation of all the previous slim K-CHRONICLE volumes. THIS IS A MUST HAVE! Because it might go out of print, then the used prices will shoot up, and you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t buy it when you had the chance.
So highly recommended the complete K-CHRONICLES.Click here to buy THE COMPLETE K-CHRONICLES! 500 pages of goodness!

And finally wrapping up this installment, please support the following auctions. You can find all the following items pictured below and more being auctioned off here!





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