Pass me the Gas Mask!

I just moved into this new apartment. Supposedly non-smoking. Unfortunately my neighbors take that to mean smoke anything that’s not nailed down.

I don’t know what the hell they’re smoking, but I’ll tell you for a fact it’s not tobacco (and tobacco is bad enough).

You know, I’m not the man in blue. I’m not a prude, I honestly don’t care what the hell you smoke, as long as I don’t have to smoke it with you. I don’t smoke. And I don’t want to smoke second hand, through you.

I’ve taken what steps I can, bought a fan for the hallway, to keep the smoke from infiltrating too badly into my apartment. Air cleaner in the apartment, trying to come to an uneasy peace with the smoke-a-holic neighbors. So they can toke up in their apartment, and I can NOT TOKE UP in my apartment, and the fan between us, and open windows, will help keep the peace.

However, that’s not working too well. I mean it’s better, it’s obvious that some of them are trying to make an effort to be considerate about their smoking. However, some aren’t. And basically this new apartment isn’t going to work.

I work for a living. I can’t have my clothes smelling of this crap. And I’m subject to routine drug tests, which I’m not about to fail, cause of someone else.

I’ve complained to the Bldg Super. He’s posted no-smoking signs, which seemingly translates in hood speak into… please smoke more.

So I’m going to have to step up my request to the property management company, that I need to be relocated to a true non-smoking apartment, or I need out of my lease.

I’ll have a knock down drag out with the prop management group next week… for now… pass me the gas mask. 🙂


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