To the Edge: Walter Hill, Jon J Muth, CRIMINAL Review

“He fashioned himself as just an ordinary man, in no way special… but of course that was a deception. By luck or design, it had fallen to him to play the hero’s part, and to the very end… he embraced his fate.” From Walter Hill’s seminal western… WILD BILL.

Really quick reviews:

Today’s Recommended Director:

Two of the most underrated films, and two of my favorite films, EXTREME PREJUDICE and WILD BILL are strange, mythic westerns, one of the present and one of the past…. but they share a common (to the edge) brilliance, and a common director… Walter Hill.

They are two of the director’s finest films.

The first ten minutes of WILD BILL rank it among the most astonishing and mythic films you’ll find, and the next ninety-five minutes among the most endearing. The only seeming misstep is the casting of David Arquette whose weasel like performance and nature grates on the nerves. His swarmy nature/performance seeming a weak counterpoint to Bridges haunting performance as Wild Bill. But perhaps that’s completely accurate for the film, Arquette playing perhaps the type of ineffectual man that would have flown under a legend’s radar.

Today’s Recommended CD:

MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER– From the golden age of radio, this great show of fiendish ends, and riveting means, is a must listen. 80+ episodes on an MP3 CD.

Today’s Recommended Comic:

CRIMINAL by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips issues 1-10. First two arcs of this award winning series. The supplemental material in each issue, makes the issues a must buy.

Today’s Recommended Trade Paper Back:

THE MYTHOLOGY OF AN ABANDONED CITY by Jon J Muth- Lush, evocative pencils of Jon J Muth (particularly part 2 is astounding) highlight this tale of restless dreamscapes. A relatively rare book, worth the hunting down.

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