Jon J Muth’s M: Fritz Lang would be proud!

Jon J Muth’s “M”-a four book series published in 1990 by Eclipse Comics is brilliant. Absolutely gorgeous art and writing by Jon J Muth, brings to vivid life one of Fritz Lang’s finest films… M.

Jon J Muth primarily makes his living these days as a children’s book writer and artist. Bottom line the kids book market being more lucrative than the comic book market.

Which is slightly, unfortunate because M,

done in 1990, is absolutely mesmerizing, both in construction, writing, and especially art…. and really magnitudes of power superior to anything else I’ve seen from Mr. Muth. And it’s ALL PENCILS!! Frigging phenomenal! Realistic, while still having a haunting touch of the abstract. I would love to see Muth do more in this style, and with this passion. A fantastic work!

A work which unfortunately has managed to slip through the cracks for the past 17 years. However a Hardcover is slated for spring of 2008.

And I really think the increased interest in Muth’s M, is in no small part due to INDIE SPINNER RACK! It was on Mr. Phil’s recommendation, that I and many other listeners became aware of this book, and a great recommendation it turned out to be.

So bravo to ISR for putting the book on my radar, and I strongly recommend interested readers pick up the back issues. They are well worth the hunting down, or if patience is your strong suit, pick up the hardcover next spring.

Highly Recommended!

Grade: A.

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