Thanks Giving???

Everyone, or at least most everyone in the US is gearing up for Turkey Day, more euphemistically titled THANKSGIVING.

Me, I’m not a holiday type guy. My thoughts on Christmas, for example, can be summed up by that episode of the Boondocks (‘SANTA! You gonna pay what you owe!!’ Yes that episode 🙂 ). While I will never shun a day off, neither have I ever been one to go goose stepping with the crowd.

Thanksgiving? THANKSGIVING? Is that like an effing joke?

There’s roughly some parallels to it in most anglofied countries, and it pretty much celebrates the pale newcomer, having by God’s grace conquered(ie stolen) a new land, and successfully killed or converted the heathen natives therein.

As an unrepentant and proud heathen native, I take umbrage to such holidays.



Really? Can you call it that with a straight face?

Not me Kemosabe.

Wrong can’t be made right, by putting glitter paper and a bow on it.

No siree!

And if you heard I was celebrating, in the words of Public Enemy “it’s a world wide lie”.

But I’ll take the day off, sure as shooting. I’ll break bread with my family. But the day will be remembered by me, my way, for my reasons.

A day of remembrance, lest we forget behind pretty words like Thanksgiving, lest we forget Indian Wars and genocides past. And in the forgetting, give life to Indian Wars and genocides… present.

Remember, rightly.

Your sins. Our sins.

Remember… Rightly.

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