The Wild Baying of the Boars or IFL, CHUCK NORRIS AND BRUCE LEE

“I live by a code.
It is a very simple code.

Love your wife.

Respect every single one.

And fight to kill. “

…Allan Goes, IFL

I have a tendency to go weeks without watching tv, months even. A commentary on me I guess, as well as a commentary on the quality of television in these still early days of the 21st century.

But every so often, in between DVDs and infrequent TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES marathons; I catch something that grabs my interest.

That interest grabber, yesterday turned out to be something called the IFL. International Fighting League.

Now I say this being someone who hates circus wrestling/scripted wrestling such as the WWF/WWE. But real competition, warriors who compete by a code, boxers and Mixed Martial Artists… I’m a fan of that. Of warriors who draw a line in the sand… and walk it.

The IFL being an evolution for these warriors, an evolution of the mixed martial arts craze, that has steadily grown in popularity in the last 15 years. But rather than simply an individual sport, the IFL organizes differing weight classes into teams that go up against each other. Akin to how Olympic Boxing is setup.

Last night, on a channel I could not name, I watched the Los Angeles ANACONDAS take on the Seattle TIGER SHARKS. A match from June 1st.

I looked upon this new thing, this IFL, and saw that it was good.

No hitting people with chairs, no bs, no circus; just warriors, with respect for their competitors and themselves… getting the job done.

“My job is to choke people out, Knock people out.

I do my job with love and respect.”

….Allan Goes, IFL

What is funny, is prior to stumbling across the IFL last night on television, a mere week ago… I was in Hawaii, in a cabin, in the middle of rich volcanic jungle, with the night all around and a soothing tropical downpour, and the wild baying of the boars.

And I was reading.

What can I say, it helps me sleep.

I was reading an old magazine called THE DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU, from 1974 I think, and it had a great interview with Chuck Norris, where he was discussing the formation of a league he called the IFL.

The idea being that the IFL would be composed of teams of fighters, each assigned to a major city. The teams comprised of various weight classes.

Chuck Norris idea was a mixed martial arts league that would give respectability to martial arts, Martial Arts that in 1974 America… was still viewed as something of a fad.

This was the same America that was happy to produce a television show Bruce Lee created, as long as the China-man lead, was not played by someone Chinese. 🙂

A riveting article. Well worth the reading.

For whatever reason Chuck Norris’ IFL never came to be back in 1974, but it’s great to know that 33 years later, his vision’s time… has come.

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