Tales of OTA BENGA #1

Welcome to the first episode of TALES OF OTA BENGA. A web comic I’m going to try and do a panel to 5 panels every week. Mixing equal parts looking back and looking forward, history and histrionics.

So without further ado, the first 5 panels of… TALES OF OTA BENGA.[Copyright 2007 HeroicTimes]






Hope you enjoyed the first 5 panels of TALES OF OTA BENGA!

How this quickly came about was: in the wake of the Devil’s Paintbrush (all terms that I’ll cover in coming installments, but basically the Devils Paintbrush is what effectively ended the War for Africa. It was the Atomic Bomb of the late 1800s), whole civilizations were being wiped out.

And in 1904 a few of the survivors were brought to the states as curiosities, and ultimately caged specimens. Ota Benga is one such person.

So this story came out of my disgust for people who were racing to tell this atrocity with a fervor that I did not feel would do Ota Benga in death any more good, than such fervor did him in life.

I just thought a very distinctive type of people, exterminated Ota Benga’s people and put him in a cage. And now to have the progeny of such people racing to tell Ota Benga’s story, is to add insult to injury.

So I wanted to, if possible play advocate for the dead. And see how well or poorly I can speak for them. For Ota Benga and more than Ota Benga.

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