The 2007 NY Comic Con, Narcs, Aliens, and Blokhedz

Okay, so I’m at comiccon for the first time. And I’ve got to tell you, if you’ve never been… pretty overwhelming. For a comicfan, it’s very much like being at the world’s biggest candy store.

And while some books are horrible Candy Corn, sometimes you stumble across the good stuff, Now & Laters!

One book that qualifies as the latter is THERE’S AN ALIEN IN MY TOILET from Indie company Crazee comics. The funny thing is despite having a very striking cover, I bypassed it to get at something else from Crazee comics. No doubt, something to do with my phobia for funny comics.

But luckily some dude looking like a tall Serpico, pointed the book out to me. Now I know I wasn’t carrying, but I know a narc when I see one. I was about to tell him take a flying leap, but I didn’t think I could drop the comics and left hook’em before he tagged me, and I hate getting knocked out on an empty stomach.

So I looked.

And to my surprise I found the book looked pretty darn good. The first thing that struck me were the production values, heavy card-stock covers and thick, poke your eyes out with color, glossy pages.

“Whose the writer/artist, this kid’s got a future” I inquired.

Three guesses who the writer/artist was … yes, all fingers pointed to the Narc at my shoulder. 🙂

So feeling now slightly affable that the Narc turned out to be a real person, a regular joe. I happily picked up an issue, along with a pretty impressive sketch book I touch on later.

The non-narc, known better as Samuel Vera also introduced me to the rest of his narc like crew, Jorge Medina (colorist on THERE’S AN ALIEN), and Johnathan Syphax (STREET JOURNAL writer) [with artists Annibal Arroyo, and Artist David Quiles, currently minglng].

I swear I was waiting for someone to offer me a dime bag.

If you guys do not know, I am completely joking; the guys of Crazee Comics couldn’t have been a nicer bunch.

All seemed really proud of their books.

Finally Making it home from the con (my god, where did this snow come from!)and I was able to see why. The story of THERE’S AN ALIEN IN MY TOILET takes the stereotypical little green man, and gives him a snarky personality, somewhere between Daffy at his incompetent best and Marvin the Martian.

Our resident alien is sent on a mission to conquer a world of inferiors. Our world. But unfortunately in issue #1 our proud, primping protagonist finds himself up to his green neck in trouble. Nice little cliffhanger, had me wanting the next issue.

In a market often devoid of kid accessible material, or just plain fun material, THERE’S AN ALIEN IN MY TOILET fits the bill. The first issue is a little on the brief side, but definitely get the vibe that future issues build on it. It’s fun all ages entertainment, while having the requisite bite to keep adults coming back for more.

You can pick up the individual issues direct from the site [], and there’s a trade in the wings. But I’d say don’t wait for the trade grab the individual issues, the production values like I said are high, and the price, given the quality, a pretty good deal.

So run on over grab an issue, and tell em who sent ya!


And lest you think I forgot, wrapping up the info on the NY Comiccon Black Panel. Michael Davis brought the funny, while also discussing his new line of comics, THE GUARDIAN LINE, released by UMI, a faith based company.

This means Mr. Davis bypasses the difficulties and pitfalls of Diamond distribution, and gets himself direct into chain bookstores with a far larger distribution than Diamond.

Being not particularly religious I don’t know if the books will appeal to me, but as a business plan, it’s really great to see someone helping to create distribution models outside the norm. I’ll definitely be checking in on these books, and wish him great success,


Moving onto Reginald Hudlin: Hudlin discussed his love of comics, his chance meeting with Neal Adams who suggested he write comics, and got him in contact with Quesada, and the rest as we say is history. Now helming the Black Panther, a book that continues to gain word of mouth and readers, he balances that considerable workload, with the workload of helming one of the best known cable brands in the world… BET. On top of that he’s using that new position to launch animation, book, and feature film lines. And still somehow impossibly makes time to outreach to fans.


Last but not least Mike and Mark Davis, treats the crowd to initial animation work for a proposed BLOKHEDZ cartoon, following up on successful buzz surrounding their upcoming BLOKHEDZ graphic novels to be released by Simon and Shuster.

Again it’s great to see creators bypassing the Diamond bottleneck/monopoly and creating new avenues for distribution of comics. If the animation sample is any indication, both the graphic novels and cartons will be strong sellers.


Well that wraps up this installment. Must… get…. dinner.

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