Wikipedia ??? just say no!

Today, in the Ancient Ethiopian calendar, is the 16th day of Thir, the year 7507 of the 8th Millennium, in the years of the world.

In the years of the world.

I never tire of living in the Eighth Millennium. 🙂

Now onto today’s subject:


I don’t do wikipedia, because I don’t believe in the concept of unmoderated posting of personal and private information.

I think to hold yourself as an encyclopedia, a valid resource for info, and yet have no standards regarding who posts, or what is posted, and no real opt out clause, is to be a forum for ax grinders, prank players, privacy invaders and character assassinaters (say that 3 times fast).

So I don’t use or support Wikipedia. The only time I do stumble across wikipedia is when someone hides it in an otherwise cool looking link :). Hence me, stumbling over the page below.

Below is a screenshot of that accidental visit. Read through it and see if you can catch the amazing level of professionalism and factual info you can expect on Wikipedia 🙂 .

People, do yourselves and the world a favor, stop using wikipedia. If their traffic stops, their advertising potential stops, and eventually they stop.

Couple lawsuits wouldn’t hurt either :).


And what the fuck is up with South Carolina and that flag?!?

Yeah I know its been years, and I’ve been ranting for years. Why don’t we nuke that state?

Sorry Grandma, I’ll come move you before the bombs start dropping.

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