I’m watching ROBIN OF SHERWOOD, hands down one of my favorite television series, I’m reading QUANTUM AND WOODY by Christopher Priest one of my favorite writers, and I’m listening to ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT one of my fave bands.

Life is good.

Outside it’s snowing, first snow of the year. I mailed off a submission yesterday, so we’ll see what kind of response that gets, so I’m slacking off today. I’ll get back on the work treadmill tomorrow. Some minor issues with hearth and home to deal with tomorrow, but for today catching up on a pile of books, comics, and magazines; that have been waiting patiently for me to read them.

One of those being QUANTUM AND WOODY, and another being O’Neil’s THE QUESTION. I have both series complete, and have read enough to tell you… they are really, really good.

I’ll bring you more specifics as I work my way through both runs.

And finally recommended movie of the day is CAPPUCCINO. Very hard to find, but well worth the hunting down. One of my favorite Newage Noirs. Sexy and Suspenseful!

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