CITY OF SAINTS AND MADMEN or books that rock!

Hey! Nice to see you!! Don’t know if you got here by accident or design, but boy is it good to be read by you.


heh..heh… :). That was just to keep your attention! I know your Attention Deficit Disorder is kicking in.

But seriously, pull up a chair for a few secs, and I’ll give you the movie preview version of this site, and why you’re going to want to make it a daily stop.


Sorry, just testing you.

Anyhow, slowly migrating over from blogger, which is why the blog currently just has a few old posts. I’m tediously reposting everything. But in a few days all the old stuff will be on this site.

… From the often brilliant satire that is THE BOONDOCKS

Reviews. DVDs. Movies. Comics. Music. Books. Love. Loss. Responsibility. Humor. Heroism.

That’s what this little soap-box on the byways of the internet is about. It’s about me going on about the things that I hunt for when on the internet: perspectives varied and hopefully valuable about things, and moments, and people… worth your time.


Sorry, I’ll stop now :).

But yeah in the pages you’ll find the kind of reviews and commentary I couldn’t find. Like what you ask?


So I went searching for innovate book designs. I’m not talking graphic novels here, or comic strips (though there are some that do meet the criteria, McKean’s 500 page over-sized opus CAGES coming immediately to mind), more than that I’m talking lavishly designed, and constructed, and almost pieced together tomes.

When I read the reviews Of CITY OF SAINTS AND MADMEN, it sounded like exactly what I was working for, Literature that was innovate even onto the looking at it, and reading of it. Literature that was both visual, dimensional and tactile.

It’s why for me computers or some such future display technology, will never replace a book, the simple immediacy of weight and substance, and ephemeral ideas made manifest.

Well, enough yapping, will upload, pics, images, later. Till then… be well.

p.s. You’ll be seeing a secondary date on my postings, it belongs to the ancient Ethiopian calendar which I’ve taken a shine to.

In the Ancient Ethiopic… today is the 18th Day of Tahesas, the year 7506 of the 8th Millennium, in the years of the world.

In the years of the world.

I never tire of living in the 8th Millennium. 🙂


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